Hello! I'm Alex.

I am an insight driven designer that creates brands & campaigns with purpose.

I am a multidisciplinary digital designer who can work across the entire pipeline: ideation, brainstorming, coding & designing html (newsletters), concept visualisation, & selling in concepts to stakeholders. I am always researching & experimenting for upcoming projects so I have solutions up my sleeve.

I design websites using prototyping apps such as Adobe XD, Invision & Sketch. In particular I am known for bringing digital brands to life by creating unique visuals using After Effects & Cinema 4D. 

I am energetic and enjoy bouncing ideas off of others. In a brainstorming ideation session I will provide frameworks to get people thinking. I run and teach a game design course that gets beginners involved in creative thinking. They learn how to develop  their idea into a fully functioning game and how to code.  

When I’m not designing I’m playing bass or paddle boarding.



Branding & Campaigns.

Develop a unique visual brand that will drive the core message in a campaign.

/  Visual language
/  Logo design
/  Campaign concepting
/  Leading design workshops 


Design & code mobile responsive newsletters & websites.

/  Web prototyping – Adobe XD
/  Code HTML newsletters
/  Usability tests – Putsmail
/  Wireframing journeys   


Making your brand truly digital, with a visual language that can move & adapt.

/  Storyboarding
/  Animated logos
/  Animated brand visuals
/  After Effects & Cinema 4D