Alex UI / Product Designer

I'm a user-centered Digital Designer focused on UI and Product Design. I practice design led methods to solve problems for responsive websites and apps. Accessibility, branding and design systems are part of my daily work.

I have led UI projects to design user-centric experiences that are: accessible, easy-to-use and on-brand. I work closely with UX designers and developers to co-create user tested end-to-end experiences.

Figma allows me to create low and high fidelity prototypes at different stages of each project allowing to maintain an iterative feedback cycle between internal teams and the client. I use Miro to deconstruct client needs and help articulate user journeys. Making projects easy to understand for all teams.

As a person
I am energetic and enjoy bouncing ideas off others. In an ideation session I will provide frameworks to get people thinking. I run and teach game design and UI design courses that gets beginners involved in creative thinking. They learn how to develop their idea into a fully functioning game or website prototype. 

When I’m not designing I’m playing bass or paddle boarding.



UI & Design Systems

Design and maintenance of structured systems that bring visual cohesion to every website and app designed.

+  Scalable Design Systems
+  Figma / Production Pipeline 
+  Maintaining Libraries / Components
+  Wireframing & Prototyping

Brand Identity System

Creation of new brand identities that are designed digital first. Brand refresh and evolution to update perception.

+  Original Brand Identity Creation
Brand Evolution / Design Refresh
+  Brands Designed for Digital
+  Client & User Centric Interviews  


Making design usable for different people with different needs. Considerations for age, nuerodiversity and persona type.

+  WCAG Usability Standards
+  Figma Testing Tools
+  Front End Testing Tools
+  FE + UX + UI Test Collaboration